During the summer of 1968 some local horse and pony riders got together and formed Stranraer and District Riding Club.

The club was fortunate enough to have been able to rent a base, Clashmahew, from Stair Estates.

Clashmahew consisted of a stable block and a few fields, this allowed the club to offer DIY livery.

Also throughout the season Clashmahew allowed for the club to organise and run many events.

In 2010 the club moved to and rented a new site from Stair Estates out at Castle Kennedy.
A competiton was held to name the new site and was won by Christa Makinson who suggested Castlefields.

Castlefields allows the Riding Club to continue to run many competitions throughout the season and to grow as a Riding Club.  As with most clubs there have been good and not so good years.  Membership in the past few years has been over 100.

Thank you to everyone who supports our club.